Reggaefest is an excellent music agency because it not only associated with renowned artists and bands but also looks to promote new faces time and again. We organise various shows and events in all the major cities and give a chance to young and dynamic artists to perform in such events. If you believe you have the hunger to achieve something extra-ordinary and the talent to become a star in the Australian music industry, we are the right medium for you. However, getting a chance in our events or shows won’t be a walk in the park. We have a team of seasoned music experts who will first analyse your performance on different parameters and pick you only if they are convinced. This initiative from our music company has helped several young artists fulfil their dreams and become a part of our exceptional music industry. If you have any questions regarding the participation process, here is detailed information.

How participation can help you

If you or your entire group give the audition and get selected, it would be a life- changing opportunity for you. Our concerts and shows will give you a chance to closely watch the highly experienced and renowned artists of Australia and global stars. It will give you the exposure you need to become a successful name in the music industry. On top of that, we can also help you to develop your networking, increase your influence on social media, and prepare high-quality track as well as videos. Not everyone gets such an opportunity, so ensure that you utilise it properly.

Procedure and Guidelines

If you want to participate, first, you need to shoot your audio or video and send the file to us through email. Also, share your basic details such as name, address, pin code, email Id, contact number, etc. Our dedicated team will go through your audio/video file and decide whether you have got what is required to perform at such a big stage. If you get the nod, you will have to visit us at our main office in Sydney for the final audition. Here, you will perform in front of our music experts.
When you are recording your audio or video, make sure it is perfectly clean. Any disturbance in the background will make the task difficult for our professionals, and you might not get the chance that you deserve. You should also remember that only one file is acceptable for every participant, and the file size should not exceed 50MB for audio and 200 MB for video. Any inappropriate file will be handled strictly. The participant will be blacklisted, so it won’t be possible for the person to participate in future.