Australia is a beautiful country that is rich in diversity, geographically as well as culturally. Our music exemplifies this variety as it embraces all styles and genres. The best thing about Australian music is that it maintains a balance between tradition, innovation and experimentation. From the earliest years when the country was considered a convict nation to the present day, music has played a pivotal role in the development of our nation. Before the settlement of European people, the Australian Aborigines had some distinctive musical instruments like the clapsticks and didgeridoo, usually used in traditional ceremonies. These instruments and their unique sounds are now combined with modern musical instruments and used in mainstream styles by indigenous artists of Australia.

Traditional, country, folk and bush music

Some of the earliest music of our country that was once a convict nation explains the sufferings experienced by the first immigrants. Experts believe that is why it had its origins in Celtic folk music. There are several songs that describe the period of the late 18th and 19th centuries. During this time, the British convicts were expelled to the numerous penal colonies in the country. While some songs tell us about the time spent by people on the convict ships, other early songs emphasised the sufferings and isolation tolerated in the harsh new land. Todays’ traditional, country, folk and bush music are greatly influenced by continuous waves of settlers from various backgrounds, starting with the British, Scottish, Welsh and Irish convicts. Reggaefest understands the sentimental values of these songs, and thus we always promote such singers and artists on major platforms.

Popular and Rock Music

Pop and rock music started in the country in the 1950s and 1960s. The early performers were highly influenced by American and English musicians, but gradually, Australia made its impact on this genre of music and transformed it into its own individual style. Several groups started performing a little different version of pop and rock music and went on to become international stars. Individual artists also performed at international platform. In more recent years, the line where rock music finishes and other styles start is getting blurred. Various young artists and bands who like to experiment use electronic music and heavy guitar to create a unique sound. They use traditional Aboriginal music as the base of their songs and music.

Classical Music

Australia’s classical music is based on traditional forms like symphony or sonata that usually follows strict rhythmic and stylistic rules. That is what distinguishes the classic type from other simpler or more popular music. Being a music agency, we take pride in working with ensembles, which follow Australian classical music in their shows. If you are looking for this type of music or event, do not hesitate to contact us. The popularity of classical music is shown by the fact that approximately 2,500 concerts of classical music are presented throughout the country, and Reggaefest is one of the organisers.

Jazz Music

Jazz music in this country is based on Afro-American traditional songs. Experts believe that it has originated in the USA around 1917 and went on to become a part of the country’s music with the arrival of immigrants. The jazz musicians attract important music sales as well as audience support while other artists, including saxophonists and pianist, achieved a lot of fame on the world stage. Today musicians of our country perform all styles of music and have achieved international acknowledgment due to their distinctive Australian approach. Being a reputed and responsible music agency, we would make efforts so that artists and performers can continue to develop that unique approach and achieve recognition.